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@ Linked LA

We create
Awesome Digital Stuff &
Fantastic Print Productions

We are design studio located in the USA, our main strength is the design and implementation of digital strategies for Online Presence Management. We take care of the online presence for multiple clients from the United States, Spain, Brazil, Colombia and Canada; with innovative thinking to make brands, products and persons shine and grow in the digital and printed world.

Since 2003, we have been working in printing and digital productions achieving good experience in telling people your brand key message, we know how to sell for different audiences and markets.

We speak English, and yes, Se Habla Español, too.

Concept & Strategy

Concept & Strategy

Working out strategies that will bring your business to the top.
Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Our wide range of services includes web and graphic design.
Web Development

Web Development

We develop web experiences, from design to final product.

Some of Our Branding Portfolio

What We Do

Desktop Publishing

We grew up in the past century, and yes we started drawing and feeling the paper and ink in our hands. Now, we learned a few new things and catch up with technology.
We produce graphic design for branding, advertising, corporate communication, big and not so big campaings. In Linked LA you can count on our wide experience in graphic design.

Web Development

We speak geek language and translate to you. We use the best software that serves to our clients purposes, giving them the right tools to grow and develop their own online identity.

Social Media

This world is running faster every day, the online presence can not be just a website, we built internet solutions that fits with all actual needs for you.
We offer management of: social network profiles, marketing campaigns, online reputation.
Today, in the internet we are living organisms, we need to keep moving and develop new strategies to adapt.


Sometimes words and information are not that easy to express on web as you can think, manage to use the right words and ideas can be challeging if you are trying to get the right people to your business, here in Linked LA we can do that for you.
You can bring the ideas and we'll come up with the best ways to express it.

Web Hosting

If you are tired of having problems with your hosting provider, not having timely support, people being too technical to even understand what you are facing, we are the solution to your problems, we take care of your site like if it was ours, we will transfer all your files and databases for free to our state of the art hosting solutions. We will listen to you and design the right solution for your current needs having in mind that the web is constantly evolving and facing new challenges every day, and for that you need to be ready, so jut give us a call and tell us what you need.


The visual arts are a main part of our game. We are a designer and an artist, we combine the best training in arts and technologhy to produce the best ideas for logos, marketing campaigns, visual identity, products, etc.
We produce art and illustration in the old fashion way, the ideas will start in a piece of paper (we like to use pencils, ink, watercolor... the whole romantic idea of art) and then, we use it as a base on our digital productions, from our minds to the internet and beyond!

  • José Antonio Suárez

    Graphic and Web Designer. I'm specialized in customized web solutions. As director I'm in charge of the projects, my job is to make our clients look awesome on the internet.
  • Liliana De la Hoz

    Artist and illustrator. I'm responsible for the art direction and content creation for our clients. We work hard for you, our job is to help you to have the best online presence for your business.
  • José Antonio Suárez
  • Liliana De la Hoz